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Manipur lottery is one of the thirteen legal Government lotteries in India. It is run by the Directorate of Lotteries, a department that operates under the supervision of the State Government of Manipur.

The department conducts a single lottery under 21 different draw names thrice every day, Monday through Sunday. The prizes for all the draws are the same and the results are published on the official website every day. 

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Overview of the Manipur Lottery Schemes and Ticket Prices

Every day, the Directorate of Lotteries in Manipur runs three draws under the same lottery scheme – Singam – at three different times of the day.

The first draw is organized in the morning at 11 AM, the second in the afternoon at 3 PM, and the third in the evening at 7 PM. The cost per ticket is ₹6 for all the draws. These Government lottery draws in Manipur have been named after various flowers.

Please note that all schemes undergo revision from time to time and might not run after a certain period. The cost of ticket might go up or come down and the prizes might change as well.

For instance, the once popular draws Manipur State Lottery Chakra and Manipur Lottery Tiger are no longer valid. The cost of one Chakra ticket was ₹20 and the first prize ₹1 lakh. Once you’ve read the entire article, you will note how these values have been lowered in the current lottery schemes.

Also keep in mind that not all Manipur lotteries you find on the web that bear the government approved seal are legit. For instance, you might come across something called ‘Manipur Doller Lottery’ which also seems to run thrice every day at 11 AM, 3 PM, and 7 PM. The cost of ticket, too, has been fixed at ₹6.

However, this lottery has not been authorized by the Government of Manipur. You must avoid wasting time and money in playing it.

You can find more details about the different Manipur lotteries, their draw time and ticket cost in the table below:

Draw Name Draw Day Draw Time Draw Hour Cost per Ticket
Singam Tagetes Mor Monday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Foxglove Day Monday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Candytuft Eve Monday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Helenium Mor Tuesday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Wedelia Day Tuesday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Kalmia Eve Tuesday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Anemone Mor Wednesday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Sedum Day Wednesday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Dahlia Eve Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Gerbera Mor Thursday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Echium Day Thursday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Ursinia Eve Thursday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Verbena Mor Friday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Nepeta Day Friday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Nemesia Eve Friday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Alyssum Mor Saturday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Honesty Day Saturday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Freesia Eve Saturday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6
Singam Begonia Mor Sunday Morning 11:00 AM ₹6
Singam Vinca Day Sunday Day 3:00 PM ₹6
Singam Flumeia Eve Sunday Evening 7:00 PM ₹6

How to Play the Manipur State Lottery?

To play the Manipur State Lottery, you need to buy paper tickets in person from local sellers. This is the only way to partake in the draws. Visit any authorized vendor, retailer, dealer or lottery agent in the State to check the availability of tickets.

Once you have made up your mind about which draw to play, buy the ticket by paying the fee up front. Remember to write your name and address at the back of the ticket. If you win the lottery, this would be your proof of purchase to claim the prize.

You should note that every ticket will come with a combination of 8 numbers and letters printed on it. This combination is unique for each ticket. The main draw will take place in the town of Moreh located in the Chandel district of Manipur.

The organizers will spin a physical lottery machine to determine the winner. If the combination of number and letters appearing in the machine match with that printed on your ticket, you win.

The first prize is awarded to the ticket holder who matches all the 8 numbers and letters. Of course, there would be other prize positions for matching fewer numbers and letters.

What Are the Prizes?

The prizes for all the draws are the same. There are 5 top positions and a consolation prize. The 1st prize is awarded to 1 winner, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to 10, and the 5th to 100 winners. Only one winner receives the consolation prize.

Each draw pays out 132 prizes in total. The highest prize is ₹27 lakhs and the lowest is ₹500. Find other relevant information in the table below:


Prize Position Prize Amount Number of Winners How to Win
1st ₹27 lakhs 1 Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order
Consolation Prize ₹10,000 1 Match all the 5 numbers in the second part of the combination on your ticket in the exact order
2nd ₹5,000 10 Match any 1 combination of 5 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
3rd ₹1000 10 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
4th ₹700 10 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
5th ₹500 100 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order

How to Check Manipur Lottery Results and Claim the Prize?

If you have participated in the Manipur State Government lottery draws, be prepared for the results to be declared the same day, usually an hour after the draw. For instance, if you played the 11 AM morning draw on a Monday, the results would be out by 12 PM.

The best way to check Manipur Lottery Results is to visit the place of draw – Moreh – in person. You will get to know the outcome first hand, which keeps it authentic and free from error. But, not everyone can travel to the town, which is understandable.

Your next best bet on the Internet. The results of Manipur Lotteries are always uploaded to the official site in PDF and BDF formats. Don’t worry if you cannot check them the same day. You can download the files later as well.

Alternatively, you can also keep an eye on the official YouTube channel of the Lottery Department of Manipur where they live stream the results.

Easy access to the Internet has also opened up other ways to check lottery results. For instance, a number of apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which let you receive daily results right on your smartphone.

Lastly, if you can’t travel to Moreh and don’t have access to the Internet either, make it a point to subscribe to leading dailies in Manipur that publish lottery results. Should you love playing the lottery, checking the outcome offline is better than not checking it at all.

In case you win, you need to go directly to the concerned department to claim your prize. You will be given a Claims Form (which you can also download from the official site) to fill up.

You will be asked to enter the winning ticket number, rank of the prize, winning numbers of the prize, the amount, your mailing address, PAN, three passport-size photographs, and proof of identity among other details. Fill in all the details correctly so you can claim your prize money without hassles.

Please note that you must claim the money within the window (usually 60 – 90 days) specified by the department. Moreover, you must produce an intact ticket to avoid cancellation of payment. Rewards are not handed out for lost and damaged tickets.

All winners need to submit their tickets along with the filled Claims Form, photographs, and required documents. The ticket must be attested by a Gazette Officer or Notary Public. An affidavit of ownership of the ticket also must be produced and duly attested by a 1st Class Magistrate or notary Public.

Once the verification and processing is complete, you will be issued a cheque which you can encash from any local bank with which you hold an account. Because lottery winnings are subject to taxation, a certain amount will be deducted before you get paid.

Is the Manipur Lottery Safe?

The Manipur Lottery is government backed and presumably safe. However, Government lotteries organizers in India are a notorious lot. There have been multiple cases where winners were denied the prize or the amount withheld for the weirdest reasons. Add to that the issue of fake tickets in circulation.

All this makes the trustworthiness of Manipur lottery draws somewhat questionable. To play smart, switch to international lotteries where the prizes are better, purchase of tickets on your behalf is guaranteed and prizes are paid out for sure.

Additionally, these world lotto sites come with free tickets, discounts and all sorts of freebies to keep their customers excited.

Can I Play Online Lottery from Manipur?

There is no way to play the Manipur State lottery online. You can only buy physical paper tickets and check results online.

If you want to play online lottery from Manipur, register with an international lottery site that sells tickets and entries to world lottos such as the US Powerball, Euro Millions, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, Mega-Sena, and more.

These lotteries are legit and available for all Indians.

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