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History of the Madhya Pradesh Lottery

The Madhya Pradesh Lottery was started way back in the 1970s under the M. P. Lottery Rules, 1969, M.P. Lottery (Niyantran Tatha Kar) Adhiniyam, 1973 (M.P. Lottery Act 1973) and the M. P. Lottery (Niyantran Tatha Kar) Niyam, 1974 (M.P. Lottery Rule 1974).

Back then, the lotteries were administered by the then active Director of State Lotteries, Government of Madhya Pradesh. Tickets were in the denomination of ₹1 and printed only in a Government approved press. The draws were conducted until the late 1980s before being discontinued.

State lotteries in Madhya Pradesh were restarted by Sunder Lal Patwa in 1992, who served as the State’s Chief Minister from 5 March 1990 to 15 December 1992. The idea was to curb the illegally growing gambling market and generate revenue.

However, within a few months of its commencement, the lottery was heavily criticized and eventually banned in the State under the Madhya Pradesh Lottery Pratibandh Act, 1993.

Over the years, several attempts have been made to restart it. Under the administration of Digvijay Singh, who was the Chief Minister of the State from 1993 to 1998, even the set up of a casino was attempted in Khajuraho. However, the decision ultimately met with severe opposition and was thereby stopped.

In the recent past, numerous websites and news portals have blatantly included Madhya Pradesh State Government Lotteries among the 13 government lotteries in India that are legal. The lack of enough information on the web about the ban is partly the reason behind such misinformation.

It is unfortunate that none of these sites have cared to cross-verify. An inactive lottery department and a missing website should have been clear indications. The truth is lotteries in Madhya Pradesh have faced a statewide ban for nearly three decades, which has been finally repealed in August 2021.

Right before the ban, the Madhya Pradesh lotteries were organized under the Directorate of Small Savings and State Lotteries (MPSSLA) by order of the State Government and under the supervision of the Department of Finance.

The Department conducted three daily draws every week, Monday through Sunday. Each draw ran once on the day it was held.

The local lottery in Madhya Pradesh was a pompous affair back then. Paper ticket sellers and lottery agents were aplenty across the State. From book stores to kiranas and even paan shops, you could find them everywhere.

Some sellers even went that extra mile and home-delivered tickets upon phone calls. The results are published in local dailies and never online.

Because of the easy availability and cheap ticket prices, the Madhya Pradesh State Government lotteries were played alike by office goers, students, housewives, laborers, and even beggars. Such was the craze!

A similar frenzy is expected as lotteries make a comeback in the State.

Old Schemes, Ticket Prices and Prizes

The three daily lottery draws that were by the Government of Madhya Pradesh are as follows: MP Daily, MP Deluxe, and MP Super. The cost per ticket was ₹2, ₹5, or ₹20 and the first prize was ₹1 lakh, ₹5 lakh, or ₹10 lakh depending on the draw. Please check the chart below for more information:

Draw Name Draw Day Cost per Ticket 1st Prize Number of Winners How to Win
MP Daily Monday – Sunday ₹2 ₹1 Lakh 1 Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order
MP Deluxe Monday – Sunday ₹5 ₹5 Lakh 1 Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order
MP Super Monday – Sunday ₹20 ₹10 Lakh 1 Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order

Nothing is known of the newest schemes yet. Watch this space for updated information.

How to Play the Madhya Pradesh State Government Lottery?

Locally known as Patwa Matka (after CM Sunder Lal Patwa), the old Madhya Pradesh State Government Lottery was a paper lottery. The new lottery is expected to be something similar, although it could also be online.

Back then, players could participate in a draw only by buying tickets from government-approved and authorized sellers, dealers, and local vendors. A player would be asked to pay upfront before the seller hands out the ticket. This process isn’t going to change in the new draws.

Earlier, the sale of lottery tickets in Madhya Pradesh was open only after office hours, which was usually 3 PM. The idea was to conduct lotteries without disrupting productivity. I don’t know if this rule would still apply.

As we discussed earlier, the ticket prices of old lotteries varied depending on the draw you entered. Players needed to write their name and address at the back of the ticket as proof of purchase.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles about State Government lotteries in India, you’d know this is a common practice. I’d expect the Madhya Pradesh Lottery Department to implement it in the new schemes, too.

Furthermore, each lottery ticket is expected to come with a unique combination of numbers and letters. The draw organizers would possibly spin a lottery machine that will show the winning combination once it stops. If this matches with the combination on your ticket, you win.

You would win the first prize if all the numbers and letters match in the exact order. As is with the rest of the State lotteries, the organizers should also hand out other prizes to participants who match lesser numbers and letters.

How to Check Madhya Pradesh Lottery Results and Claim the Prize?

Previously, the only way to check Madhya Pradesh lottery results was to buy or subscribe to the leading local dailies that published them. One such newspaper was Amrit Darshan, which is still running successfully.

Every day at 3 PM, participants used to throng its Bhopal office where the results were published. I won’t be surprised if Amrit Darshan starts publishing results of the latest draws as well.

The State does not have an official website yet where they can publish lottery results. But I hope there’s one in their pipeline.

If you happen to win a prize in any of the Madhya Pradesh State Lottery draws, you must claim your prize within the stipulated window.

You must also ensure that your ticket is intact and safe. Prizes are not handed out for torn or lost tickets. Remember to carry proof of identity and a few passport-size photographs when you go to claim the reward.

Is the MP Lottery Safe?

The MP lottery is only as safe as it appears to be. It can be addictive, which could eventually lead you to lose money. Trust me when I say you do not want to make it your source of income. Lottery is always based on luck. There could be more losses than wins; you never know.

In the past, there have been multiple cases in Madhya Pradesh when people gave up on their lives after failing to win a prize in the state-run lottery. 13 year old Kaushal Kishore, the son of a clerk in Bhind district of the State was one such victim.

Quarrels and squabbles over purchased lottery tickets in Madhya Pradesh, especially in the tribal belt was common news. Often such incidents lead to deaths.

Many people have invested their life’s savings or even borrowed money only to lose it all. Some have chosen death while others have lost their sanity.

At one point in time, troublemakers successfully cashed in on this mania, mixed it with an awful lot of superstitious mumbo jumbo, and flooded the market with everything that could ‘help’ players win big.

Guidebooks and charts explaining how to win the lottery using the laws of probability were available at dirt-cheap prices. As the digital era was beginning to unfold, the thugs even facilitated computerized predictions tailored for players.

The worst of the lot was the nexus of underworld operators who let players bet on the outcome and accepted money staked on lucky numbers that were published in leading dailies. They earned nearly as much as the official government lottery in Madhya Pradesh.

However, none could beat the difficulties posed by the State Government itself. Most of these State lotteries didn’t always deliver on what they promised even with their government-approved seal of trust. Where would players go then? Which door would they knock?

It isn’t difficult to understand how the lottery in Madhya Pradesh went haywire and was eventually outlawed. Smart players knew the risk. Therefore, they resorted to international lotteries instead. The prizes were bigger and better and paid out for sure. No hassles, no friction; only pure fun.

Although the return of legal lotteries in the State might excite the frequenters of world lottos temporarily, I don’t see any reason they would prefer going back to it. There’s history that isn’t very impressive.

About the Madhya Pradesh Lottery Pratibandh Act, 1993

In the wake of detrimental social and economic impact, The Madhya Pradesh Lottery Pratibandh Act was passed on 25th January 1993 to impose a ban on all lotteries in the State.

According to the Act, no individual could indulge in the business of lottery whether as an agent or promoter. No individual could sell, distribute, promote, or purchase lottery tickets within the State.

The punishment for breaking the law was a non-bailable jail term of up to two years and/or a fine amounting to ₹10,000.

However, following the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998, the Madhya Pradesh Lottery Pratibandh Act, 1993 has been repealed in 2021. Lottery in MP is now legal and government-backed.

Can I Play Online Lottery from Madhya Pradesh?

You cannot play the Madhya Pradesh State lottery online. However, if you are looking for options on the web, international lotteries might come in handy.

The tickets to them are available for purchase on trusted lotto sites. Some sell official tickets while others let you bet on the outcome. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

I have listed three of my favorite lottery sites below. You can enter the biggest world lotteries including the US Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, and more.

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